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Texas Integrative Medicine offer IV or intravenous essential vitamins and nutrients to individuals based on personal need.
IV Nutrients, IV Vitamins, intravenous nutrients, intravenous vitamins
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Essential vitamins and nutrients may be more effectively used by the body when administered by the intravenous route

Medical research demonstrates that chronically ill individuals often are deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients that if replaced play a role in recovery.  Our modern Standard American Diet or SAD is notoriously deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients.  Oral vitamin and nutrient supplements may not accomplish the desired replacement due to absorption and delivery issues and may, in fact, cause undesirable side effects and changes to the intestinal microbiome.

Medical Studies Show

Many medical studies have shown that IV or intravenous administration may deliver more of these essential vitamins and nutrients to the target cells where they are needed such as brain cells, heart cells, immune cells and the like.

Texas Integrative Medicine offers a number of options to safely and affordably provide these essential vitamins and other nutrients intravenously based on each individual’s unique need as assessed by careful medical evaluation and laboratory testing.  These vitamins and nutrients are administered by a registered nurse who has received training in IV nutrient therapy.