PhotoBioModulation Therapy - Texas Integrative Medicine
Texas Integrative Medicine now offers options for therapeutic application of beneficial wavelengths of light for the treatment of chronic illness and injury
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PhotoBioModulation Therapy or Cold Light Laser

The therapeutic use of light provides a number of scientifically demonstrated benefits that assist in the recovery from many chronic disease states

The beneficial role of sunshine to health has been known for centuries.  Light has been used as a healing modality for over 100 years.  Many good scientific studies have demonstrated that certain wavelengths (colors) of light are especially beneficial to induce changes in our bodies that can assist in recovery from chronic illness and injury.

The ability of ultraviolet light to inactivate germs and viruses has been well shown and ultraviolet light systems are used to disinfect operating rooms and hot tubs.  Red and infrared light wavelengths have been demonstrated in many scientific experiments to play a role in enhancing mitochondrial energy production, reduction of inflammation, increasing stem cells, and enhancing regeneration and repair.

Texas Integrative Medicine uses the Thor LX2 LLLT

Texas Integrative Medicine now offers photobiomodulation treatments using the Thor LX2 LLLT which delivers high-intensity red and near-infrared light to the body via external illumination.

We now also offer treatments that provide ultraviolet A (UVA), visible red, and visible green light directly into the bloodstream via a fiber-optic cable.  This method of light delivery is available as a research tool since it has not yet received approval by the FDA.  Learn more at   www.UVLrx.com